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The Best Jewelry Pieces To Wear To Work

Depending on what kind of job you have, choosing the right jewelry pieces to work can be difficult at times. If you’re a gal that works at the office or has some other kind of job where you’re allowed to wear jewelry then we decided to show you some of our best pieces that’s both professional and will make you the most stylish gal at the office. Here are some of our new pieces to officially launch on that we thought we should show you:


If you’re looking for a pop of color and want to be known as the trendsetter in the office then check out these Blue Semicircle Crystal Stud earrings. They sparkle beautifully in the light and will enhance anyone’s eye color with it’s white and blue crystals. It’s also a unique piece to add to your jewelry collection since it’s a semicircle and has a fan shape which accentuates your eyes and makes anyone you come across look at your features right away. They’re under $30 so make sure to check it out before it’s sold out!

Another one of our newest pieces are these Minimalist Rebellion Studs which features an ocean-blue crystal and adored with small clear crystals and gold beads. These ones are also a stud style but much smaller than the Blue Semicircle Crystal Stud earrings so you can wear them on an everyday basis and will definitely accentuate anyone with gorgeous blue or grey eyes.

If you’re looking for more of a statement piece and want to dress up a white suit or dress, then check out these Boho Spirit Earrings which features brown, white, and blue crystals in a gorgeous bohemian style which is perfect for the free spirit who wants to show off their personal style at work.


You might’ve seen this Pearl Clasp Necklace on our Instagram in our Golden Summer Stories over on Highlights if not then check out us out on Instagram @Cupid_Stone. This is one of our favorite pieces for the summer and features multiple gold chains which isn’t too chunky but is more a delicate piece which you can add to your wardrobe and looks gorgeous with a tan for the summertime. It features a pearl accent as well as a long pearl chain on the back. For more photos of this pearl necklace, check out on our Instagram (while we work on getting more photos with our products on people!)



This bracelet is good enough for royalty! (or for anyone that wants to look like a Queen!). Our Ruby Bracelet features a gorgeous raspberry-colored stone in the middle along with clear crystals set into a rose gold bracelet which is delicate and perfect to layer next to other rose gold bracelets or a watch. This is a great bracelet if you work in a corporate office or anyone where you have to dress up and want something that really sparkles and makes your jewelry stand out.


We hope you enjoyed this post! What’s your favorite kind of jewelry to wear to work? Check out more pieces on our website and make sure to take advantage of our 10% off discount with your first purchase from us! And as always we have free shipping in the US!



-The Cupid Stone team

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