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Known for beauty, love, and pleasure, Aphrodite inspires our graceful and stylish jewelry collection. The smooth colored gemstones with elegant design resemble romance and beauty of the goddess. Wearing our Aphrodite collection opens up your window for love; it is perfect for a date night, social event, or any occasions you want to hint your playful invitation that does not bite. Pure and mysterious like the silver moon at night, our Artemis collection weaves soft glowing pearls that send out an elegant vibe. The gradient from reflection changes as you move, and invites the eyes from far and near. With the Artemis collection, you are classy yet approachable during your social and professional events. The Athena collection is fortified with gold or brass, and semi-precious stones. The spotless radiance of the stones represent wisdom, and the of metal mix brings perseverance. With this collection, you and hold your ground with maturity, courage, and confidence during your adventures. Containing plump-eared pearls, cascading tassel-like designs, and harvest color palette, our Demeter collection contrives vintage interpretation of stylish designs. The combination of clear cubic zirconia crystals and sequins in mild color present metallic glossy bring you nature vibe and retro feel. This collection complement clean lines and the warm color like burgundy, khaki, beige of tops, sweaters or dresses in your closet. The Hera collection features complex designs and astonishing semi-precious stones. It represents you, a complex and gorgeous being that do not dare to leave a bold statement.
With our Hera designs, your mature inner self is in control of the situation - no messing around. Best for formal events with a fashionable vibe, these jewelry pieces make you powerfully and gorgeously stealing the show without losing etiquette.
The Olympus Treasure collection is our most limited and precious offering. With top-rated semi-precious stones and craftsmanship, the collection should be reserved for special occasions for you to shine.
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