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The Best Cupid Stone Pieces Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Here at Cupid Stone, we’re lovers of all things mythology but also zodiac! If you read your horoscope every morning, date based on the person’s zodiac sign, or just love to analyze people based on their sign (hey we do that too!) then this post is perfect for you. Here are the best jewelry pieces to wear from, based on your zodiac sign:

Aries: The Ram

Aries is a brave, fiery, and fearless sign so we had to choose the Black Diamond Tassel Earrings which will turn tons of heads on a night out.

Leo: The Lion

It’s only natural for us to choose the Wild Style Lion-Head Necklace for the confident and persistant Leo! This sign is all about being a trendsetter and choosing pieces that are bold, just like the sign itself.

Aquarius: The Water Bearer

The innovative and kind Aquarius needs a jewelry piece that’s unique such as our Aquarius Crystal Two-Piece Ring Set. We just had to name it after this zodiac sign since it’s both a delicate and statement piece that can be worn by itself and is like nothing you’ve seen before...just like Aquarius!

Capricorn: The Goat

Capricorn is all about ambition, energy, and determination so we had to choose the Indian Style Emerald Earrings especially since the Capricorn go-to color is dark green! Capricorn is all about hard work so these earrings look perfect for a day at the office or other work settings.

Scorpio: The Scorpion

This sign is all about intensity and focus and go-to color is maroon so we went with the Berry Love Quartz Earrings. There’s just something so sophisticated and mysterious about these earrings (something that a Bond girl would wear!) and we thought it would be perfect for intense Scorpio.

Libra: The Scales

Libra is sweet, graceful, and all about balance! We’re loving these Baroque Style Statement Earrings since Libras love the fine arts and all things sophisticated, plus notice how perfectly symmetrical these earrings are! It’s all about the balance…

Taurus: The Bull

Fierce and persistent Taurus would love these Rhombus Dark Sapphire Earrings which is luxurious and beautiful and perfect for the sign since they love indulgence and the finer things in life.

Gemini: The Twins

They say Gemini’s have two personalities, so we thought the Crystal and Pearl Asymmetrical Earrings are perfect since one earring is a stud while the other one is a long statement earring, that goes together perfectly...just like the twins!

Pisces: The Fish

Pisces is a lover of the ocean so we had to go with the Ocean Maze Seastar Earrings which is delicate and feminine...just like Pisces herself!

Virgo: The Virgin

When we think of Virgos, we think of perfection and innocence so the Virgin Love Floral Studs are perfect for this sign.

Cancer: The Crab

It was only natural to go with a floral piece for the nurturer of the Zodiac: Cancer! Check out the Golden Spring Ring which is perfect on it’s own or as a layering piece.

Sagittarius: The Archer

The adventurous Sagittarius is all about risk-taking so we had to go with the Crystal Princess Necklace which is only for the bold trendsetters that don’t mind being a part of the spotlight.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

-Cupid Stone team


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