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Meghan Markle Inspired Jewelry Pieces

We know, we know. The royal wedding is over! But that doesn’t mean that we’re not loving Meghan Markle’s simple but elegant style and we’re completely inspired by her here at Cupid Stone headquarters! We decided to dedicate today’s blog post to her and choose some gorgeous simple pieces that we know she would love. Here they are:

Tiny Spark Golden Hoop Studs


Meghan tends to steer away from huge statement earrings and prefers something much more friendly for everyday such as these Tiny Spark Golden Hoop studs which comes in gold and features tiny pearls. This is a great budget-friendly piece and under $30 and works for so many occasions such as work, dinner, or a night out without distracting everyone from your outfit. We also think it looks great on brunettes like Meghan!


Round Jet Studs

For an evening look, these black crystal earrings with grey and pearl features and tiny white flowers on these studs will look gorgeous on you. They work with both little white dresses and a classic little black dress but will also work for the office since they’re not overpowering but we have a feeling that Meghan would wear these for an elegant dinner party so make sure to take advantage of the mysterious look these earrings give off and try them for an evening look.


Pink Knitted Floral Studs

If you want to add some pink to your life and prefer something feminine yet still Meghan Markle inspired then check out these Pink Knitted Floral Studs earrings which has a gorgeous pink crystal on them along with a white flower in the middle. Once again, these are perfect for brunettes and really gives some warmth to the face without being overpowering. These ones are also budget-friendly at under $35!


Fearless Silver Ring


We couldn’t help but notice Meghan’s breathtaking tiara that she wore during her wedding ceremony and it reminded us of our Fearless Ring! Wear these alone with no other jewelry pieces just like how Meghan would and let the ring do the talking for you. Like many rings on our website, this ring is adjustable so it’s a perfect gift to give to someone (who you don’t know the ring size of) and it’ll be a huge hit.


Mermaid’s Shell Ring

If you’re not a silver gal and prefer gold instead then try our Mermaid’s Shell ring which is a thin layered ring that we think Meghan would love and doesn’t distract from your perfect outfit and looks great to wear on an everyday basis. At under $40, we think this is another great addition to your jewelry collection. One ring features silver fan shaped crystals while the second ring features tiny clear crystals and looks elegant on all skin tones.



We hope you enjoyed this post! We can’t wait to see what other jewelry pieces and outfits Meghan wears now that’s she a part of the royal family.



-The Cupid Stone team

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