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How to Travel With Jewelry

Summer is all about travel and it’s important to pack things properly so you won’t have anything go missing or end up being broken. That’s happened to us so many times when we traveled with jewelry! Here are some of our best tips for avoiding awful scenarios and being able to bring your jewelry back in one piece:


Leave Expensive & Valuable Pieces At Home

When traveling, we try to avoid bringing our most expensive and valuable with us. There’s always a possibility that something will go wrong and you might lose your grandmother’s pair of earrings that you inherited or some similar type of problem. Also, if you’re traveling in Europe or some other foreign country where there’s tons of pickpockets, it’s best to not wear any of that kind of expensive jewelry in order to not attract any attention.

Get A Wedding Ring Alternative

We know that wearing your wedding ring is necessary but instead try to find an alternative ring that’s much more cheaper and not as valuable. This way, it won’t attract attention and in case if it gets lost (for example while swimming or camping) then at least you won’t feel worried about it and it won’t ruin the entire trip.


Buy The Proper Jewelry Case

There’s tons of jewelry cases, pouches, and folders on the market right now so we highly recommend buying the perfect one (preferably travel-friendly and foldable so you can pack it in your luggage without it taking too much room!). If all else fails and if you have delicate and small pieces, then a pill box can work wonders! It’s especially perfect if you wear studs and don’t want them to get lost!


Plan Your Outfits

If you’re headed to a tropical vacation, then it’s probably not a good idea to bring tons of jewelry with you since you’ll be in a swimsuit most of the time. For dinners and other fancy occasions while traveling, it’s best to bring a statement earring or necklace that will go with multiple outfits or to bring delicate pieces that you can wear everyday and won’t have to take off as much. We recommend planning your outfits so you won’t have to think twice about everything!


Jewelry Insurance

If you really find it necessary to bring expensive pieces with you, then try to look into buying jewelry insurance. Most travel insurance policies have some sort of insurance for personal belongings so make sure to look into it. Also, make sure to take photos of your jewelry before traveling - that way if something goes missing, you can easily show people what the pieces looked like.


Hope you enjoyed this post!

-Cupid Stone team


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