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How To Take Care of Your Jewelry


Welcome to The Cupid blog! We’re so excited to cover some questions and concerns on this blog along with sharing more about our company and why we’re so passionate about what we do. Taking care of jewelry is a common concern so we thought for our very first blog post that we should cover it. Jewelry is a special kind of accessory and it’s something that you can save and wear for the next couple of years if you take care of it well and eventually, even pass down to your children. Despite being experts in jewelry, there have been times in the past where we haven’t been too careful with our jewelry and ended up ruining it or even worse breaking it! Luckily, we got the hang of it and have learned some tips and tricks to making sure that jewelry stays in excellent condition through good care. Here are some of our best tips that the Cupid Stone team uses everyday:


Keep It In a Safe Place

Everytime you get home, make sure to take off your jewelry and store it in a safe place that can easily be found and can prevent your jewelry from easily getting damaged. We recommend jewelry organizers (preferably clear cases so you can see the jewelry instead of searching for it in each drawer!) from places like Amazon and that has dividers and drawers so that way you can separate, organize, and won’t scratch against other pieces of jewelry. There’s also hanger jewelry organizers which features zipper compartments and can easily hang in your closet and take up less space. The options are endless, but keeping it away from warm air can help keep your jewelry in good condition.


Water & Fragrance Is a Big No

The most common reason why jewelry tends to lose it’s shine and begin to look older is because of water exposure and fragrance. Some of our pieces at Cupid Stone is genuine silver and gold and obviously won’t be damaged by exposing it to water but that doesn’t mean you should! Elements can dull down the shine and water can get in between beads and other features on jewelry and loosen it up which increases the chances of your favorites pieces becoming damaged. Fragrance is another big no since the chemicals can change the color of your favorite fashion jewelry. We recommend avoiding spraying on fragrance on your wrists or accidently getting them on your fingers or collarbone area and instead spray your fragrance.

Cloths Are A Must

One of our favorite ways to take care of jewelry is to use dry cloths such as silver polishing cloths which helps to lift dirt off jewelry and keep them shiny. If you don’t always have a cloth on you, then it might be easier to carry around small packets of alcohol cleaning wipes which can be used to get rid of stains and even lift off sweat and prevent bacteria from developing. If you’re planning on wearing your jewelry for years which you should! Some types of jewelry are just timeless and classic such as our Beaded Pink Floral Studs. We know that some people think it’s not necessary to wipe down jewelry like earrings with an alcohol wipe every time you wear that piece but we highly recommend it for hygienic reasons.

Thanks for reading our first blog post! What else should we cover here on the Cupid blog? Let us know!!

-The Cupid Stone team

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