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How to Find Your Inner Goddess

Ever since we started the company Cupid Stone, we always seem to get the question “What does Cupid Stone mean?”. Our founder, Giselle Lin is a huge fan of mythology and was inspired by Cupid which is known for love and decided to combine the name Cupid with stone which obviously represents the precious stone pieces that we sell here on our site. We decided to talk more about mythology today for our weekly blog post and how to find your inner goddess and more importantly, to believe in yourself just like they did! Here are some of our favorite goddesses (notice that we named some of our jewelry collections after them!):

Aphrodite - She is known for being the goddess of love and beauty and our Cubic Zirconia Gold Plate Necklace was specifically created with her in mind. If you’re not a fan of gold necklaces, why not try the Sunflower Choker which is simple and features a silver sunflower stone so you can have the same beauty and brightness that Aphrodite was known for while still keeping it simple enough for everyday.

Artemis - Goddess of wildlife and hunters and was known for being an important figure in the lives of women. If she was around today, we believe that she would’ve loved simple and minimalist pieces that don’t get in the way but still add a bit of sparkle to an outfit. Some of our favorites from the Artemis collection is the Classic Pearl Lariat Necklace or the Chic Pearl Clasp Necklace which has mesh details and a small dangling pearl which is feminine yet strong just like Artemis.

Athena - Goddess of art, wisdom, and victory, Athena is one of our favorite goddesses. When we created the Athena collection, we decided to use gold as the main material since gold represents the color of victory. Some of our favorites are the Asymmetrical Y Shape Pearl Necklace or the Crystal Gemstone Chain Choker which is a stunning statement piece.

Hera - Queen of the Olympian gods and a gracious protector, our Hera collection is filled with strong and bold pieces that confident and trendsetting women like Hera can wear. We love the Wild Style Lion Head Shaped Necklace which comes in silver and features emerald green eyes or the Tassel Lariat Necklace.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Remember, we’re having 20% off for Mother’s Day so make sure to treat your Mother (or yourself) and grab a gorgeous piece of jewelry.




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