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Bridesmaid Gifts

Wedding season is almost here and for all you brides that just can’t seem to find the perfect bridesmaid gifts, this post is for you! Jewelry can be a timeless gift and can easily be ordered in 12 or 6 (or depending on how many bridesmaids you have!) and always look gorgeous and cohesive in wedding photos. Since you don’t always know someone’s ring size or if they have pierced ears or not, we recommend necklaces or bracelets! We have a variety of them in stock and comes in different colors, designs, and materials that perfectly suits all your needs. Here’s what we recommend at Cupid Stone for this occasion:

Four Leaves Clover Buckled Bracelet


Simple and suits many people’s fashion taste, the Four Leaves Clover Bracelet features clear crystals and gold accents as well as a clasp. It’s quite a timeless piece because of it’s simplicity yet sparkles beautifully in the light and is perfect for bridesmaids, Mother of the Bride, Mother in Laws or even the bride herself! The possibilities are endless with this one.

Cubic Crystal Bracelet


If you want a bit more sparkle without being too overpowering then the Cubic Crystal bracelet is a great piece. It features gold accents and clear crystal cubes which is easy to slide on and off.

Berry Love Quartz Drop Earrings


Know for sure that your bridesmaids have pierced ears? Then we have tons of earrings that will go with all sorts of bridesmaid dresses and will compliment their looks. If your bridesmaids are wearing a black dress then these Berry Love Quartz earrings will be the perfect statement piece and stand out so beautifully in photos.

Neat Elegance Pearl Drop Earrings


If you want something simple and goes with everything (and can be worn by bridesmaids for other occasions other than weddings) then these earrings are perfect and so versatile. They feature Mother of Pearl flower shapes as well as clear crystal and gold accents.

What are some of your favorite bridesmaid gifts to give? Any kinds of jewelry we missed? Let us know!

-Cupid Stone team

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